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Uberhorny is a dating site that offers to make connections with girls and couples who don’t mind showing their kinky sides and making acquaintances ending up in intimacy. It makes no sense to doubt is Uberhorny real since this platform has been offering dating services for over 11 years already. Many users wonder: does Uber Horny work for casual hook-ups, or is it suitable only for watching x-rayed and nude photographs? There are ambiguous Uberhorny reviews, so let’s have a closer look at this platform to find out the answer.

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What is Uberhorny? — Short Info

Uberhorny, standing out among online dating sites, positions itself as a casual dating site, designed for those seeking intimate and erotic entertainment. This adult website has garnered attention for its direct approach to connecting people for casual relationships and hookups. Unlike most dating sites, Uberhorny offers a unique blend of features that cater to individuals with specific sexual preferences, distinguishing itself from other hookup sites and online dating platforms. This distinction is crucial in the world of internet dating, where Uberhorny’s specific target audience and offerings set it apart as a notable hookup site.

Uberhorny’s tenure in the dating services industry extends over 11 years, establishing it as a veteran in the realm of online hookups. This longevity contributes to its reputation as a legit site, a far cry from the dubious nature of some newer and less established dating websites. The platform’s focus on facilitating real and consensual encounters among adults aligns it more with adult websites than traditional dating internet sites, carving out a unique niche in the world of online dating.

Uberhorny distinguishes itself as not just what people date casually on; it’s a hub for those with varied sexual preferences seeking different erotic entertainment. As a dating internet site, it offers an incredible website experience, where global personals meet in a user-friendly interface. The platform’s unique approach to internet conversation on its particular service stands out, especially when it comes to the world of supported dating online.

How Does Uberhorny Work — From Registration to Session

Start using this real sex finder by entering your email, password, and initial preferences. Choose what boob size and body type you like, and you’re good to go. It’s an international platform, so you’ll find chicks of all nationalities and habits—believe me, there are all sorts of perverts out there!

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Sign-up Procedure

The registration process on Uberhorny is streamlined and user-friendly, emblematic of many online dating sites. New users are required to provide basic information, including an email address, to initiate their Uberhorny account. This procedure mirrors the sign-up steps found on most dating sites, where ease and speed are key to encouraging new members. Once the initial set-up is complete, users are prompted to enhance their profiles with additional details – a common practice across various online dating platforms to facilitate better matches.

Post-registration, the platform offers a range of options typical of online dating sites, but with a focus on sexual preferences and encounters. This level of specificity in setting up an account is common in the world of adult websites but less so on more traditional dating internet sites. The balance Uberhorny strikes between simplicity in registration and depth in profile customization highlights its effectiveness as a hookup site, distinguishing it from other online dating services.

Uberhorny website design is simple and user-friendly, a standard expectation for modern online dating platforms. There are lots of girls’ photos running in the line for a quick start, and the navigation panel is displayed above them. The home page takes you to the grid with numerous profiles, a simple search feature by age and location, and Who’s cute game. 

All accounts are divided into several groups, including ones who are online, women from the same country, members who stream, premium live cams, and others. Similar categories can be found on the main menu at the top of the screen.

The site’s layout is designed to facilitate easy access to various features, from browsing profiles to engaging in direct messages. This ease of navigation is crucial in maintaining user engagement, especially in the competitive landscape of online dating sites.

The platform’s design aesthetics are reminiscent of other hookup sites, with a focus on visual appeal and ease of finding matches. Unlike some other dating sites that might prioritize lengthy profiles or complex matchmaking algorithms, Uberhorny emphasizes straightforward, visually-driven interactions. This approach is reflective of the site’s focus on casual encounters and physical attraction, aligning with the preferences of its user base.

When you become a member of the platform, you can enter the account and change its settings if you like. You’ll also see 3 signs: Activity Center that notifies about recent activities on the platform, messages that can be filtered by several parameters, and connections that can be grouped into 10 subcategories. Now when you have evaluated Uberhorny design, let’s consider its functionality and what you can get for free.

Main Characteristics Of Uberhorny


Uberhorny sets itself apart from most dating sites with its range of free membership features. 

  • The site is accessible in 21 languages, broadening its appeal on the world wide web and ensuring it caters to a diverse, global audience. 
  • Free membership option allows access to basic site functions without payment – a standard practice in online dating, but nonetheless appreciated.
  • The site’s 3-month satisfaction guarantee demonstrates confidence in its ability to match users effectively, a notable selling point that enhances its credibility as a legit site.
  • Access to uncensored photos and videos, elevating it above a standard dating website. 

This offering aligns Uberhorny more closely with adult websites, catering to a specific segment of the online dating market. 


Despite its many strengths, Uberhorny does have some drawbacks. 

  • Lack of a dedicated mobile app limits accessibility for users reliant on mobile devices, a significant disadvantage in today’s technology-driven dating landscape. This omission is particularly glaring when compared to other dating sites and online dating services that have invested in app development.
  • Non-informative nature of some profiles. While this is a common issue across various dating websites, it’s more pronounced on platforms like Uberhorny, where quick hookups are the norm. 
  • Automatic renewal of subscriptions is a contentious feature, often leading to unexpected charges for users. This practice, while common in online services, can be a point of frustration, especially when compared to other sites that offer more transparent account settings and membership options.

What Features Does Uberhorny Have?

Matching System

Uberhorny’s matching system operates on user preferences, a common feature in the online dating industry. Users specify their desired partner’s characteristics, and the system suggests potential matches – a process familiar to anyone who has used dating sites or online dating services. The platform’s focus on sexual preferences and physical attributes makes its matching system more akin to adult websites than traditional dating sites, catering to a specific subset of the online dating market.

This system, while effective, does not innovate much beyond the standard practices seen in most dating sites. It does, however, offer a streamlined and efficient way to connect with potential partners, which is essential for a site focused on casual encounters and physical connections.

Search Filters

Uberhorny interface

Search filters on Uberhorny are comprehensive, allowing users to fine-tune their search for potential partners. These filters cover a range of preferences and attributes, making the search process more efficient and tailored to individual needs. This level of detail in search options is a hallmark of effective online dating platforms, and Uberhorny incorporates it well to enhance user experience.

The depth and variety of the search filters are particularly important on a hookup site, where physical attributes and sexual preferences are often the primary considerations for users. This focus on detailed search capabilities differentiates Uberhorny from some other dating sites, where search options might be more limited or generalized.


Messaging on Uberhorny is a central feature, as direct messages are the primary means of communication between users. This is a standard practice across most dating sites and online dating platforms, where messaging serves as the key way to initiate and develop connections. Uberhorny’s messaging system allows for straightforward communication between users, facilitating the quick connections that are the site’s primary goal.

The platform’s messaging feature includes options typical of online dating, such as sending, receiving, and replying to messages. This functionality is crucial in maintaining engagement and interaction on the site, aligning with the expectations of users on modern dating platforms.

Design and Usability

The design and usability of Uberhorny are tailored to its target audience, emphasizing ease of use and visual appeal. The site’s layout is straightforward, with clear navigation and an intuitive user interface – features that are increasingly important in the competitive world of online dating. The design reflects the platform’s focus on casual encounters, with an emphasis on browsing profiles and quick access to messaging and other features.

Usability is a key factor in the success of any online platform, and Uberhorny excels in this area by offering a user-friendly experience. This is crucial for retaining users and ensuring a positive experience on the site, especially when compared to other dating sites that may have more complex or less intuitive interfaces.

Uberhorny Profile Quality – Our Research

Uberhorny profile quality

In our examination of Uberhorny’s profile quality, we observed a range of completeness among user profiles. While some profiles are detailed, offering a comprehensive view of the user’s interests and preferences, others are less informative. This variability is common across dating sites but can be more pronounced on platforms like Uberhorny, where the emphasis is on physical encounters over in-depth personal connections.

Members are asked to provide a minimum of information for a start, so the majority of profiles include only basic information. It may be one of the reasons why some people consider Uberhorny scam. The main advantage of ladies’ accounts is the abundance of hot photos and videos as well as the Verified mark added to the profiles that have proven their identity. However, there’s still the possibility to add lots of other details about yourself, including the nastiest interests, height, race, hair and eye color, language, profession, status, and many others, but only a few members do that.

The presence of detailed profiles, complete with photos and videos, adds to the site’s appeal, aligning it with adult websites that prioritize visual content. However, the existence of less informative profiles can be a drawback for users seeking more substantial information before initiating contact. This aspect of profile quality is a crucial consideration for potential users, reflecting the diverse expectations and preferences within the online dating community.

Upon closely reviewing Uberhorny profiles, we observed an array of user intentions, ranging from those seeking basic big dates to others interested in more explicit encounters. Hot users frequently update their Uberhorny profiles with nude photos, signaling the platform’s diverse sexual life. This particular platform allows users to express their sexual preference openly, an aspect that has been honestly talked about in several cancel customer reviews.

Pricing and Paid Options at Uberhorny

When it comes to membership price, Uberhorny offers a range of options to suit different budgets and needs. From a basic free user experience to a more exclusive premium membership called Gold, users can choose how to engage. Payment methods are diverse, catering to a wide array of users, and the process of paying for a subscription is straightforward and secure.

Does Uberhorny Offer a Free Trial?

Uberhorny, like many online dating sites, offers a free trial period, allowing users to experience some of the site’s features without committing to a paid membership. This trial period is an important aspect of online dating platforms, giving new users a taste of what the site has to offer and helping them decide if it meets their needs. The availability of a free trial is a common feature in the online dating industry and is particularly appealing to those new to such sites.

During the free trial, users can explore basic features such as profile viewing and some forms of communication, typical of free membership features offered on other dating sites. This trial period serves as an entry point into the site’s offerings, helping users gauge the platform’s suitability for their dating preferences.

There’s a range of activities that users can perform on Uberhorny without paying money or using credits:

  • Registration on the platform;
  • Sending messages to other users;
  • Liking girls’ profiles;
  • Using extended search with over 10 filters;
  • Posting photos and videos on the Trending Now page to get comments and respond to them.

The paid membership at Uberhorny unlocks a range of features not available to free account holders, a standard practice in the world of online dating. Users with a paid membership have access to enhanced communication tools, more detailed search capabilities, and other special features. This tiered access to features, based on membership status, is common across various online dating sites and services.

Uberhorny’s paid membership options offer different levels of access, including options for short-term and long-term subscriptions. These varied options cater to different user needs and preferences, mirroring the flexible pricing models found in other online dating services. The platform’s approach to paid membership emphasizes the value of these enhanced features in improving the user experience and increasing the likelihood of successful connections.

The pricing policy on the website is quite versatile. You may hear a question how much are Uberhorny coins, but the platform offers paid membership that gives users a certain number of credits. New members can select one of 5 membership packages with the following prices:

  • Gold 2-day trial for $0.95
  • Gold 7-day trial for $9.95
  • 1 month gold for $34.95
  • Gold 6 months for $11.65 per month
  • Gold 12 months for $6.67 per month
Uberhorny Paid solutions

To enjoy using Uberhorny to the fullest and find a friend with benefits or two ASAP, get a Premium or Gold membership. It’ll allow you to unlock all its features and give access to the whole user base.

Uberhorny Paid solutions

  • Viewing women’s profiles;
  • Reading inbox messages;
  • Checking who has viewed your profile;
  • Participate in chats both private and group ones;
  • Watching live model cams divided into several groups;
  • Playing the Swipe Game.

The platform also gives a 3-months guarantee to members. If a user can’t get a hook-up for 3 months, he’ll be given extra 3 months free. Furthermore, the paid subscription is auto-renewed every month until you cancel it.

When you choose a membership plan, you’re redirected to the banking page that accepts 4 options: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. As soon as the payment is processed, you’re ready to have fun online.

Does Uberhorny App exist?

Regarding the availability of an Uberhorny app, current research indicates that there is no dedicated mobile application for the platform. This lack of an app can be seen as a limitation, especially in an era where mobile devices play a crucial role in online dating and social interactions. 

Many users prefer the convenience and accessibility of managing their dating profiles, sending messages, and connecting with potential partners through a mobile app. The absence of an Uberhorny app means that users must rely on the web page for access, which may not be as convenient for those who prefer using their mobile devices for online dating activities.

This situation places Uberhorny in a different category from many other dating sites and online dating services that have invested in mobile app development. 

While the website can be accessed via mobile browsers, the user experience might not be as seamless and integrated as it is on platforms that offer dedicated apps. This is a significant consideration for potential users who prioritize ease of use and mobile accessibility in their online dating activities.

The absence of an Uberhorny app prompts users to leverage the website’s mobile version to meet people, view profiles, and send messages. Although using the site on mobile devices is feasible, the experience differs from the seamless nature of a dedicated app. This factor might influence how real people use the platform, especially when considering the convenience of app-based online interactions.

Uberhorny Alternatives — From the Dating Industry

In the realm of online dating, there are several Uberhorny alternatives that cater to various preferences and needs. These alternatives range from mainstream dating sites to more niche platforms, each offering a different set of features and experiences. For instance, some dating internet sites focus on long-term relationships and deep compatibility, while others, like Uberhorny, emphasize casual hookups and physical connections.

Among these alternatives, some might offer a more robust mobile experience, including dedicated apps, which can be an appealing feature for users who prioritize convenience. Additionally, certain platforms might have more comprehensive account settings and search categories, allowing for more refined and personalized user experiences. 

These sites might also vary in terms of membership price, with some offering more competitive rates or different subscription models. For users interested in exploring different types of relationships, such as those found on a sugar daddy site, there are specific platforms that cater to these preferences as well.

In exploring Uberhorny alternatives, one finds a myriad of dating sites each offering a unique experience. From sites for those looking to hook up to platforms that cater more to long-term relationships, the diversity is extensive. Each site, whether an adult website or a more traditional dating website, offers different features from group chats to video chats, catering to various user needs.

Is Uberhorny Customer Support Good?

The effectiveness and responsiveness of Uberhorny’s customer support team are crucial elements of the overall user experience. A support team that promptly addresses concerns and queries can significantly enhance user satisfaction and trust in the platform. 

From reviewing Uberhorny, it appears that the site has mechanisms in place to assist users with various issues, ranging from technical problems to questions about account settings or subscription options.

The platform’s customer support can be contacted for a range of inquiries, including issues related to Uberhorny membership auto-renewal, payment methods, and account management. 

The quality of customer support can be a decisive factor for many users, especially when dealing with sensitive information and financial transactions related to premium memberships. A responsive and helpful customer service team contributes to the site being seen as a more reliable and user-friendly platform.

Is Uberhorny Safe Bet for Getting Hookups?

When it comes to safety in online dating, particularly on platforms focused on hookups, it’s important to consider how the site manages user security and privacy. The question of whether Is Uberhorny safe is therefore a pertinent one for potential users. Safety measures, such as the verification of profiles to prevent fake accounts and the encryption of personal data, are key factors that contribute to the overall security of the platform.

Uberhorny’s approach to user safety can be compared to other dating sites in terms of its efforts to create a secure environment for casual dating. While any platform on the internet, including dating websites, carries risk, it’s important for users to be aware of these risks and take precautions, especially when planning to meet people from the site in real life. 

The platform’s safety features, combined with user vigilance, can make Uberhorny a relatively safe option for those seeking casual hookups.

Is Uberhorny Legit and Trustworthy Site?

Determining the legitimacy and trustworthiness of a dating site is crucial for users looking to engage in online dating. In the case of Uberhorny, several factors contribute to its legitimacy as a dating platform. 

First, the site’s history and longevity in the online dating industry provide some level of credibility. Additionally, user reviews and testimonials, although varied, can offer insights into the site’s effectiveness and reliability.

As with any dating platform, the presence of fake profiles is a concern, but Uberhorny’s efforts to verify accounts and provide transparent information about their services indicate a level of commitment to creating a legitimate dating environment. 

While no dating site can guarantee success or a completely problem-free experience, Uberhorny’s features, such as its matching system and communication options, align with standard practices in the online dating industry, supporting its status as a decent site for those seeking casual encounters.

Moving out

For users wishing to move on from the platform, understanding how to manage their account is essential. Whether it’s about stopping your Uberhorny membership auto-renewed feature or learning how to delete an account on Uberhorny, the process is designed to be user-friendly. The platform ensures that managing your subscription or account settings is a transparent and straightforward process.

How to Cancel a Subscription to Uberhorny

Canceling a subscription on Uberhorny is a straightforward process, akin to what you’d find on most online dating sites. For users who have opted for a premium account, including those with a gold membership or an Uberhorny premium membership, the cancellation can be done through the account settings. This is a common feature on many dating internet sites, allowing users to have control over their subscriptions.

To cancel, you typically need to navigate to the account settings section of your Uberhorny account. Here, you’ll find options related to your membership. It’s important to remember that if your Uberhorny membership auto-renewed and you wish to cancel it, this should be done before the renewal date to avoid additional charges. The process usually involves confirming your decision to cancel and may require entering your bank account details for verification. Once canceled, you’ll still have access to the premium features until the end of the billing cycle.

How to Delete an Account on Uberhorny

Deleting an account from Uberhorny, or any dating site for that matter, is an important aspect of user privacy and security. If you’ve decided that Uberhorny no longer meets your needs for internet dating or if you’re just taking a break from the dating website scene, you can remove your account. This action typically involves going to your account settings and finding the option for account deletion.

Before proceeding, consider if you have any ongoing subscriptions and ensure they are canceled to avoid further charges. Deleting your Uberhorny account should remove your profile information from the site and discontinue any future communications. Remember, once you delete your account, it cannot be recovered, and if you decide to return, you will need to create a new account and set up your preferences and profile information from scratch.

Instead of Conclusion

In this Uberhorny review, we’ve delved into various aspects of the dating site, from its usability to the specifics of its subscription models. It’s evident that Uberhorny offers a particular service that caters to individuals seeking casual encounters and erotic entertainment. While it has its unique features, such as the trending now page and video chats, it also shares commonalities with other dating sites, including the process for signing up and connecting with other users.

The platform’s approach to casual dating and its user-friendly interface make it an appealing choice for those interested in such experiences. However, like any internet dating site, it’s essential to approach it with awareness, especially regarding privacy and safety. 

Whether you’re looking to hook up, explore different sexual preferences, or just have some flirty fun, Uberhorny is one of many platforms that can facilitate these connections. As always, when navigating the world of online dating, be mindful of the authenticity of profiles and the terms of your engagement with the site, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

In summary, this detailed Uberhorny review highlights the platform as a significant player in the online dating landscape. Uberhorny tracks the trends in online dating, offering services from casual meetings to more intimate connections. Its role in the dating internet site realm is substantial, providing a unique space for people to explore their desires in a safe, consensual environment.

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