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BeNaughty Website Review: How Does It Work And All The Details

BeNaughty Overview is one of the biggest dating sites you could use. It’s a global network of horny individuals! This review will help shed light on what makes this platform so desirable. Read on to find out what is to be a master at getting one-night stands on this site!

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Is BeNaughty legitimate?

The BeNaughty dating site is your best bet at getting laid without any hiccups. With hundreds of thousands of users in every country and plenty of folks getting laid through this platform, is one of the top sites you can use to find a one-night stand.


  • Many free features available
  • Satisfaction Guarantee policy
  • Customer support team available


  • Chats require a premium subscription
  • Key features like profile information locked behind paywalls


  • Like Gallery game makes it easy to score matches
  • Flirtcasts allow you to message more users efficiently
  • Region based matchmaking system

Is BeNaughty reliable: how to get the most of it

If you wanna have a safe experience on the BeNaughty dating site, you need to know how to use it. Here’s a BeNaughty guide to help you out:

How to create an account

Before you start scoring babes on the BeNaughty dating site, you need an account. Here’s how you can get one:

  • When you launch, click on the orange “Let’s go!” button.
  • Choose what you are (Man looking for a woman, woman looking for a man, etc.), and your age
  • Choose an email address and create a password
  • Make sure the location mentioned is accurate. The site automatically fills it out, but you can change it manually. Remember, you won’t be able to change this after creating your account.
  • An account activation mail will be sent to your email. You must click on the “Activate My Account” button, and then you’ll be able to start using the site.

Does BeNaughty actually work to match with ladies?

Now that you’ve got an account, you need to find ladies to bang. Here’s how you can make it happen:

  • Use the Flirtcast! It lets you send a flirty prewritten message to every girl on the page. This way, ladies who are interested in you will message you without you having to talk to each girl one by one.
  • Use the advanced search to find the perfect girl for you. With thousands of women to pick from, you don’t wanna waste time going through ladies you don’t like. The advanced search helps you find exactly who you want, down to the smallest details.
  • Play the Like Gallery game. It’ll help you easily find matches near you. Simply check out the profile presented to you, then like or dislike them. If they like you back, it’s a match, and you can start talking to them.
  • Found a couple of ladies you like, but they’re not online? Add them to your favorites so you can easily find them and message them later when they’re online. Don’t be paranoid thinking is BeNaughty full of bots; they’re all real here!
  • If you haven’t already, pay for a subscription. You won’t be able to message ladies without it, so it’s vital.
  • Initiate a conversation. It’s best to open with a question or a witty remark, something that will prompt a response.
  • Don’t be too pushy. If a lady says no, best to move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.
  • Slowly but surely, up the stakes. Be more flirty as long as the lady reciprocates, and when the sexual tension’s high enough, ask to meet up.

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Is BeNaughty com free? follows a freemium model. In this case, is Benaughty a scam? No, it has both free and paid aspects. Check them out:

Free aspects

  • Create an account: Registering for an account and fully filling out your profile costs absolutely nothing. Filling out your profile is also one of the most important aspects of getting a match.
  • Liking and Favoriting users: You can both like other users (Allowing them to match you if they like you back) and Favorite ladies you like to be able to find them easily later on.
  • The Like Gallery game is free, allowing you to match with plenty of users near you. This way, you can decide if it’s worth paying for a subscription after you get matches.
  • Chat: This is the only way for you actually to score a hookup. If you wanna message any user on, you’ll need a subscription.
  • Extended search: Make finding the hookup of your dreams effortless. By limiting your searches with a variety of filters, you’re able to find the perfect girl you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Premium support: Have you ever had to spend hours on hold while being told you’re a valued customer to fix a problem you’re facing? As a BeNaughty premium member, you have access to premium support, which guarantees you won’t ever have to go through that again because you’re truly valued here.
  • Full Info: Premium members can view the full info of other users, including their likes, dislikes, kinks, and more.

Is BeNaughty real expensive to use?

Unlike many other dating sites that make you pay per message, follows a subscription model. This means that you’ve got complete access to the site as soon as you subscribe. There are no hidden fees for any features. Check out the available packages:

  • 1 day for $0.99
  • 1 week for $2.73, at $0.39 per day
  • 1 month at $27.01, at $0.96 per day
  • 3 months at $45.44, at $0.54 per day

Bear in mind that these are prices for BeNaughty USA users. The pricing can vary depending on the country you’re in. For example, BeNaughty UK users have to pay slightly inflated prices because of the Pound Sterling/Dollar exchange rate.

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How legit is BeNaughty satisfaction guarantee?

When you’re about to purchase a subscription on BeNaughty, you’ll notice something mentioning a Satisfaction Guarantee on the sidebar. BeNaughty is actually so sure of their site’s performance that they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is.

The Satisfaction Guarantee states that if a user hasn’t been able to hookup even after 3 months of premium membership, they’re entitled to a three-day trial to any of their dating sites. Here are the requirements to qualify:

  • Have at least 2 pictures on your profile that have been verified by the moderators
  • Look for users within a 50-mile radius of your location
  • Have all the details on your profile filled out
  • Frequently look for other users to match with
  • Use features such as Flirtcasts and Winks to score matches
  • Sign in to your account at least three times a week
  • Message at least 5 other users
  • Must not have any refunds/chargebacks
  • Must not have met up with other users offline

Is BeNaughty com safe for smartphones?

If you’re planning to have the BeNaughty iPhone experience, you’re straight out of luck. The site doesn’t have a dedicated app for iOS users.

If you wanna use the BeNaughty Android version, be warned that there are several apps pretending to be the original Don’t fall for these scams, as BeNaughty doesn’t have its own Android app either.

Smartphone users are gonna have to use the mobile version of This lets you access all the goodies on BeNaughty without committing to downloading an app. All the features you’re used to on the desktop platform are available in all their glory on smartphones this way.

Is BeNaughty worth it: How do the users feel?

What do customer reviews say about the platform? Look, it has helped men and women all over the world score some of that hot, one-night stand fun. Some have even been lucky enough to find full-on relationships!

Tons of users, male and female, have had fruitful experiences on BeNaughty. Just ask Rosa Garcia, who said, This is perfect really. I’ve been able to find people to hook up with pretty easily. Definitely has made it easy to find guys who match well with my kinks. Haven’t had to deal with the creeps like on some other sites. Highly recommend for the busy girl who wants to check off her kink bucket list.

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Sites like BeNaughty

Wanna expand your hookup horizons beyond This list of dating sites offers a whole new dating pool and different features to enjoy. Check them out:

  • Uberhorny: UberHorny is the hub for all things sex. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a slut to bang in your city, nudes to jack off to, or a dirty cam stream: you’ll find them all here. Every girl on this platform craves a good dicking down, and you’re gonna be the guy who gives it to them.
  • SweetSext: Any guy who’s in the mood for a no strings attached hookup is guaranteed to find success at SweetSext. This site is made with horny adults in mind, and everything about the platform points to casual encounters. They make it easy for anyone to find a quick fuck no matter where they are, and they make it look as easy as pie.
  • SmokeAndPoke: Wanna get lit and get laid? SmokeAndPoke will help you find chicks who get turned on when they smoke up, so they’ll be looking for a guy that can lay good pipe. There’s no better hookup platform than SmokeAndPoke when it comes to linking up horny MJ enthusiasts.

Does BeNaughty work, and should you sign up?

BeNaughty users have enjoyed continuous success. They’re scoring hookups left and right every week. That’s why people keep going back for more, and that’s why you’re missing out if you don’t join. Sign up for a membership, and you could be laying pipe in no time!

Main Characteristics Of The Best Erotic App

BeNaughty offers one of the websites for having sex and an easy-to-use app. You can find people who support any of your kinks here since there are more than 50 million users. People use BeNaughty for sending naked pictures, cybersex, swing parties, casual hookups. Whatever you like, everything you will find here in a couple of clicks. If you are an open-minded person, mention it in your profile and people will text you some naughty things. When you have any sexual fantasy, share it with the community and do it with someone who understands!

So it doesn’t matter where you go, you can find some casual sex in every city, even abroad. When you go to another town and want to have fun, there is no need to try some new ways to get laid. There is no need to go to some local bars or install many apps. Stick to the same old BeNaughty and find a fantastic partner everywhere. It is convenient and reliable for people who often travel abroad. But even if you stay in your city, an app will suggest you new faces every day.

Matching algorithm of BeNaughty is near-perfect. It will suggest new people every day, so you can never get bored. If you are not sure if you want sex with a particular person, you can put her or him on Favorites. You will be able to get back to s/he later. But if you feel the passion rising right now, you can send a message and meet.

Why Should You Choose BeNaughty For Dates And Sex?

BeNaughty is one of the best sites for having sex. How did it end up like this? Well, for taking place into the best sex sites rating, the website might have basic and extra features. Let’s take a look at the list of characteristics, making BeNaughty worth your attention.

  • An advanced matching system.
  • Like Gallery, “Cute or No” game, and Winks.
  • The possibility to browse incognito.
  • Free trial period.
  • An ability to sort results of your search.

Impressive, isn’t it? Especially the feature allowing you to sort the results of your search. Very few erotic dating sites have such a feature. In general, the interface of BeNaughty is simple and easy to understand. You can register and start finding local hotties right away. The registration will take less than one minute.

BeNaughty community is open for people of all skin colors, ages over 18, and orientations. After the registration, you will see the world in a different way. You will see sexual kings and queens in people who live their normal lives. It is a very open-minded experience, like traveling. The only difference is that you will sit on your couch and travel to the worlds of sexual fantasies.

So if you would like to start such an exciting journey, register on BeNaughty right away. Start swiping left and right to find the perfect mate. Your sexual fantasies are waiting until you make them real!

What Doesn’t Make BeNaughty The Best Way To Find Sex?

So far, you have seen only positive facts about BeNaughty in this review. But it’s time to show that even good sex sites have their flaws and imperfections. BeNaughty is not an exception, so please pay attention to the list of its cons.

  • You can’t browse incognito in the Basic Safe mode.
  • There is no free plan.
  • There is no 30-days Get-Laid-Guarantee.
  • The matching algorithm can make mistakes.
  • There is no team of moderators, so you need to double-check the profiles.

By having the Basic and Advanced Safe modes, the app creators encourage you to pay. On the one hand, you might want to save money. But, on the other hand, will you ever work without getting paid? BeNaughty is a commercial company, not a charity fund. So if you want to get laid, you need to pay to people who provide you this possibility.

Even though there are no guarantees that you will gel laid, you will! The variety of people on BeNaughty is fantastic so you will find a mate who will dream about sex with you! Don’t be shy, forget all the bad things people told you and register right now! You need to be careful as there are no moderators, but you can ban the suspicious people yourself. The accounts that get a lot of strikes get banned by the app.

Prices On The Best Adult Erotic Site

Unline on the other best places to have sex online and offline, BeNaughty has a free trial period. You can register and experience all the functions for free during the seven days. After this time is over, you will need to pay. How much? Let’s take a look at this price list.

  • A month will cost you $17.85 if you subscribe to a 1-Month plan.
  • A month will cost you $9.99 if you subscribe to a 3-Months plan.
  • A month will cost you $7.85 if you subscribe to a 6-Months plan.

The price of monthly subscription declines if the term of your subscription rises. You can regulate how much you want to pay. Of course, it’s more reasonable in a long-term prospect to buy a six-month plan. But if you can’t afford this amount now or you prefer to pay for the smallest term of usage, choose an option from the list. Some people get lucky and find mates for casual relationships during the free seven days. Who knows if you will be one of those lucky guys? Who knows, but you should give it a try. It’s always better to take a chance than to leave it alone and never know what do you think? If you get lucky, please leave your feedback and it will be essential for the company. BeNaughty is improving, which means that there will be new features soon.


Have you already registered on BeNaughty? If your answer is negative, fix it until your neighbor didn’t fuck all the hottest chicks in your area! You want to be the first, don’t you?


Is BeNaughty a scam?

BeNaughty is not a scam in any shape or form. This site prides itself on being one of the most active dating sites you can use. In fact, 48% of its users are from the US, 14% from the UK, and plenty more from countries like Brazil, Japan, Australia, and so on. You’re guaranteed to find matches here no matter where you are.

Is BeNaughty com safe? is completely safe to use. The site has had no breaches of security. Your data is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption and the latest security certificates, as well as the option to use fake names whilst dating. Even payments are kept safe through a secure third-party portal.

How legit is BeNaughty?

Still not sure is BeNaughty legitimate? Look, the platform is as legit as it gets. The site is filled with authentic users, it has clear rules and terms listed out, and it doesn’t try to steal your money through any scammy methods. They work hard to keep the site free from bots, so you know anyone you talk to here is the real deal!

Is BeNaughty full of bots?

BeNaughty isn’t filled with bots. In fact, the site goes to lengths to make sure bots don’t gain a presence there, such as checking and flagging accounts for fake photos. Is BeNaughty real? Well, the users you see here are real, evidenced by over 3.5 million visits in April alone!

Is BeNaughty reliable? is 100% reliable. This site has hundreds of thousands of users, with new ones signing up every day across the world. There are thousands of connections being made each day, and with a few attempts, you’ll be one of the success stories, too.

Eddy Baller
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